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    Trying to modify a CSS template




      I purchased a template that I was able to modify to fit my needs. It came in 2 versions (flash and static) - with the same design in both.


      I used the flash version but in some cases it's just too much movement, so I wanted a static version of the same design that I could just use over and over for all my add-on pages.


      My issues can be viewed in the attached file. For the most part what I'm trying to say in the file is that I just want a basic, standard, blank template with a table in it instead of CSS. I just don't know how to use CSS well enough to make my project easy.


      To increase the length of my page (the white space) I've been hitting enter but I know there has to be a better way to create more pages with multiple text and images.








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          garywpaul Level 5

          I'll admit I'm not sure I understand your issue, but taking the CSS out of a CSS Template is like taking the steak out of a steak sandwich.


          You can add tables to a CSS design, or you can start with a blank slate and add whatever styling your template has to it.


          Your best bet is to put the page on your server, post a link and perhaps ask your question in another way.


          You are correct, using your Enter key for space is not the way to go, it will just cause issues somewhere else.