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    PE8 Trial Download Problems


      I downloaded PE8 and PSE trial Downloads on to my desktop computer and found that my hardware was not sufficient to run the software. I then decided to try again with my laptop so I downloaded PSE with no trouble. I should be so lucky with PE8. No, I have tried three times. The first time I later realized that my machine needed some updating so I updated and tried again. The next time a folder was made but after there was  nothing in the folder. Same thing happened the third time around. There were no errors or anything out of the ordinary with the exception that the folder was empty. Any thoughts?


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Some folk have had issues with the downloads, but most of those were either with their browsers, or things like their AV and pop-up blockers. Since you got both to download before, and got PSE to download now, I'd not suspect that you are having issues with either your browser, or with AV/pop-up blocking, but you can check those things out.


          Given the timing, and the fact that the Adobe.com site has been undergoing general maintenance, along with the forum servers, AND PrE 8.0.1 has been released, my guess would be that either the maintenance, or maybe an updated download file, is getting in the way. As far as I know, the patch is only available via AutoUpdater, but I'm sure that Adobe is working on a downloadable patch, and is probably updating the trial of PrE 8 also. I'd give Adobe just a bit of time. Let them get the site back up 100% and then check to see if the trial might have also been updated. Were I Adobe, I would likely have pulled the trial, until it could be patched to 8.0.1. Remember, that is but a guess.


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