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    Creating high-definition Quicktime files

    jdmack01 Level 1

      I have a project that was shot in P2.   The footage is 720P (I *think.*  I'm not as up on high-def as I should be.  The files are 960x720 with an aspect ratio of 1.3333 at 23.976 FPS).  The client has requested a high-definition Quicktime file that they want to play on their laptop, and not a blu-ray disc.  What settings should I use in Media Encoder to accomplish this?


      My best guess is to use the h.264 codec and manually set the bit rate to its maximum.   However, if I set the Quicktime file output specs to match the specs of the P2 footage, it plays back too tall and not wide enough in my Quicktime player.  Through experimentation, I found that if I set the output to 1280x720 with a pixel aspect ratio of "square pixel," it loks right when I play the file in my Quicktime player.  But something tells me there is a better way.


      So back to my original question - can Adobe media Encoder deliver a high-definition Quciktime file, and if so, how?


      J. D.