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    Reader 9.3 context menu dominance (wants to open all .exe files)


      I didn't see this issue in the forum, so:


      My XP Pro SP3 install has taken over my context menu -- it placed "Read" at the top of my context menu for several different file types, including .exe, and it now attempts to open said files, which of course results in a "not a supported file type" prompt.

      It even tries (and fails) to re-open itself when I click its desktop icon!


      I can still open affected files by right-clicking in Windows Explorer (or shortcuts) then via context menu Open, but I have lost the ability to open programs via start/programs menu, desktop and directly in Windows Explorer (dbl-click).


      There's no exe extension for me to re-associate in the Windows Explorer Tools>Folder>Options>File Types.  I've looked in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers and there's no Adobe entry.


      I've uninstalled everything Adobe, wiped all relevant files (found via Search), cleaned the registry, reinstalled from scratch.  No joy.


      Can I correct this (i.e., get rid of "Read" in context menu) or must I do w/o the latest Reader?