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    Issue with embedding fonts

    Eric Lau P


      Using Livecycle Designer ES, I've built a form for a client. And they have insisted on using a specific, non native font (DIN, in all it's flavours). This is a TrueType font.

      In the form properties, I have selected "Embed fonts". There are also other fonts like Wing Dings etc...

      When the form is opened in Reader (9.3), and you look at the Document Properties, under the Fonts tab, all the fonts, except the DIN fonts have "(Embedded)" next to them. The DIN fonts All have 2 extra entries, namely "Actual Font: Adobe Sans MM" and "Actual Font Type: Type 1".

      Does anyone have an idea as to why these specific fonts cannot be embedded?



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          Niall O'Donovan Level 7



          I suspect that the particular font cannot be embedded, due to the license that was originally purchased. Some fonts are sold (particularly bundles/families) as "print and preview". This means that they cannot be embedded in documents where the user will be using the font to edit the form. Here are some screen shots of an XFA form which used the "Frutiger LT 45 Com" font, which is "print and preview":


          When you look in the Warnings tab, it might tell you that the DIN font does not permit embedding:




          When you open the form in Acrobat/Reader on a computer that has the fonts installed, all may appear to be well:




          But when you open the form in Acrobat/Reader on a computer that does NOT have the font installed, the DIN font may be substituted:




          The DIN font may be a "print and preview only" font, which would mean that it would not be embedded in the form.


          The best option is to check the website where the client purchased the font, to check if it is available as "editable and embedded".


          If your client really wants to use the font, then an "editable and embedded" font would need to be purchased, if it is available.


          Good luck,



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            I'm experiencing a related font issue in Illustrator: I'm unable to embed fonts in a PDF using Illustrator CS5.5 (Mac OS X 10.7). An Illustrator message says that their is a licensing restriction that prevents embedding the fonts in the PDF. The original ttf and otf fonts were initially purchased for a Windows machine years ago, and many of them came with Illustrator. I've embedded fonts in a PDF using Illustrator (on the Windows side) without a problem for many years.

            Is this a font installation issue? Since the "installation" process is different for a mac, is it possible the fonts were not "activated" when they were copied to the library/fonts folder? The fonts do appear in the illustrator file, but not the PDF.

            Could this be a Distiller issue? Is Distiller involved when Illustrator saves to a PDF?

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              Niall O'Donovan Level 7



              I suspect that it is a similar problem. You might get more help in the Illustrator forum.


              Good luck,



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                Hi there,


                I have just experience the same issue, as the latest version on Adobe Pro does not appear to have the DIN Next LT Pro font. I am in the process of looking for a way to substitute with a very similar FONT. I have found a few websites that offer a website based Java Font pack, however I would prefer to use this on an original PDF.  The other option is to convert the PDF to html for my website: Experience Wave, Mobile News - Which I would prefer not to do.