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    Re-Install Fireworks not working

    GeneHumbert Level 1

      For stupid reasons I uninstalled Fireworks CS4 from my system.  I'm running Design Suite Pro CS4, on a windows 7 computer, with 64 bit windows.  When I go to re-install Fireworks, the only option is to install it in the C:\programs section, when it needs to go into the C:\programs X86 section.  At any rate, the install says starting install, and then just sits there.  I think it doesn't know where to put the files, doesn't find what it's expecting, so never does anything.


      Can anyone give me a clue on how to get my Fireworks installed again????



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          GeneHumbert Level 1

          Adobe support gave me an answer... and it works, kind of.  I had to use the cs4clean program

          to get rid of the annoying hangup, then reinstall ALL of the programs again to get things working.

          It seems the c4cleanup removes all the information that the removal agent has, so you have to install all of the programs again.