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    Redirect not working


      Hi there,


      I am trying to set up a site that users can register, login, and logout, but my redirections aren't working. I am using CS3. I used the normal Insert > Data Objects > ... wizards.


      I know that at least my registration page is working because (it's using an insert record form) when I hit the button, it takes me back to the registration page, but when I look on my database, there is a new row with the correct database. I am using mamp (mac) to locally host this whole thing while I work on it.


      In total, the registration page redirects me to the wrong place when I insert a record, check the username and it is already taken and the login page doesn't log me in or doesn't direct me to the right page.


      Anyone know an reason why this may be the case? I can post the code to any of my pages but I was hoping there may be a quick fix that lots of people get wrong.