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    Set up a database using PHP or MySQL




      I am trying to put a database online on my hosting site. I recently created a website (my first one without using a standard html template, woohoo) and I had a neat database thing integrated that allowed an administrator who wasn't so html savvy to click on a link, log in, fill out a form that added a post to the home page, and log out. It all worked fine when I was working on a local test server using MAMP (apache, mysql, php pages). I then uploaded my site to the actual internet and since the page that used the server technology didn't have access to the server it didn't work. I duplicated the page and took out the code for the server so the page would work for the meantime, but I need to learn how to set up a server that is actually on the internet, not just my computer. I've looked around using google, but can't find anything that doesn't pertain to linux.


      Can anyone help me with this? What I'm really looking for is a way to either install MySQL on my server and get the information to link it with my pages through dreamweaver.




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          bregent Most Valuable Participant

          You typically don't install MySQL on your hosts server - your host does that. Does your hosting package include MySQL?

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            Mike_Watt Level 2

            Depending on your hosting set-up, you're most likely on a Linux server or a Windows server... if it's a Linux server (I would imagine is most likely) and your hosting company is even remotely with the times, you probably have PHP installed on the server... MySQL is standard on some hosts, not so much on the others.  I use the Wild West (GoDaddy) network for hosting and it's got all that stuff included.

            Ultimately, if I read your post correctly, you'll need to import your MySQL local database onto your live server... most hosts offer browser access thru phpMyAdmin... search your host's help files for that.

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              apxskier Level 1

              Thanks. The host's website says they support PHPMyAdmin so I just sent them an email asking how I access it. I'm thinking that I will need to export my current database to a sql file and then import it. Does that sound right?