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    Webservices name in case of falult

    GargMonika Level 1



      In my application, we are using different webservices. Some of my .Net services and some of the other existing webservices.

      In my Flex application, i am using the cairngorm framwork.


      I want to know that, if any one of my webservices return fault, so i came to know the name of the webservices is return fault.


      And some of the cases, may be webservices may not return either the result or fault in that case also how i came to know the prob. we can say the time out error i want to know in second case.


      public function result(data:Object) : void


      //the logic which i have written in case of succesfully return



      public function fault(info:Object) : void

           Alert.show( " webservices is not responding");  // here i want to know the excate prob with the webservices name.



      Please give me some solution. Its urgent.


      Thanks in Advance