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    data between mxml components


      I have a question about data between mxml components.
      Product.mxml is the overview screen for the products and ProductDetail.mxml (it is a TitleWindow) the detail screen.
      In the Product I define a value object ProductVo with all the data. When I click a record in the overview and click the button 'change' (changeProduct function) then a popup window appears with all the data in it.


      Code in Product.mxml:
      public var myWin:ProductDatail;


      private function changeProduct():void {
        myWin = PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, ProductDetail, true) as ProductDetail;
        myWin["btnSave"].addEventListener("click", save);


      private function save(event:Event):void {
        productVo.productId = myWin.ti_productnr.text;
        productVo.name = myWin.ti_name.text;
        productVo.ean = myWin.ti_ean.text;


        ...some code to save the data in the db...


      Code in ProductDetail.mxml:
      public var productDetailVo:ProductVo;


              <mx:FormItem label="Productnr" required="true">
                  <mx:TextInput id="ti_productnr" text="{productDetailVo.productId}" width="60"/>
              <mx:FormItem label="Naam" required="true">
                  <mx:TextInput id="ti_name" text="{productDetailVo.name}" width="200"/>
              <mx:FormItem label="Ean">
                  <mx:TextInput id="ti_ean" text="{productDetailVo.ean}" width="100"/>
              <mx:FormItem direction="horizontal">
                  <mx:Button id="btnSave" label="Save"/>


      So my question: the save function in Product.mxml, is it possible to do this in a easier way instead of linking all the data from the form into the value object? Something like productVo = myWin.productDetailVo, but that does not work.

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          Karl_Sigiscar_1971 Level 3



          Yes, if you use an architectural framework(e.g Cairngorm, Parsley, PureMVC...), you would have ProductVo in a model and Save would be implemented as a Command.


          An event to trigger a command can be dispatched from anywhere, including a popup window.


          Best regards,


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            hansvdzijl Level 1

            I just looked at the parsley framework and saw this code:

            private function save():void

            contact.firstName = firstName.text;
            contact.lastName = lastName.text;
            contact.email = email.text;

            So, it is doing the same thing I'm doing.
            I'm using Spring and hibernate on the server level, it is my own framework.

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              Karl_Sigiscar_1971 Level 3

              Yes, but in the case of Parsley, you could have save be the handler for a command execution (I renamed save to execute as it's now in a command, although you could keep the name if you want):



              public function execute(event:SaveEvent):AsyncToken



              The SaveEvent class would have a property of type ProductVO in which you pass all the details of the product from the controls in your popup.