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    Video Quality


      Hi, I am trying to create some training guides for our staff by recording the computer screen of me carrying out a task so they can play them in a presenter file.


      To do this I have been using camtasia to record the screen in an avi file, and the quality of the file is great when I play the video file back.


      But after I import the video into a powerpoint slide, and publish it using adobe presenter, the quality when playing back isnt very good even if I make the size full screen.


      I've tried setting the video quality when importing it to high. But is there some video format I should use which would work out better or something else?


      Thanks alot

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          Hi.  I've got exactly the same problem.  Did you have any luck sorting it out?


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            danieldunn10 Level 1

            Hey, yeh I had a way of improving it a bit.


            What I did was download the Camtasia studio 6 trial and Any Video converter.


            - Used camtasia studio to create a video, and saved it as an avi file


            - Then Any Video converter to convert it to an flv file. When converting the video you choose the profile (which in the top right corner of the program) Flash Video Movie (*.flv) and then chose the frame size 640x480.


            Then when I add the flv to the presentation it plays in not perfect but better quality.


            Could you let me know if you find a better way?


            Many Thanks

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              MedEdder Level 1

              Thanks for that.  I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on.


              All the best.