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    Opensource development model?

      Hi, first, let me thank you all for commiting to a linux version of FB. This for us is great news.

      We were discussing the news here this morning and were wondering: does adobe have any open source development model planned for linux FB? perhaps adobe could use a dual licensing model such as used in other important projects like red hat, novel, etc. This would allow us to participate in the development, and speed up the inclusion of new features, some that could prove critical to business.

      Also, Adobe could release a dual license verison of FB: a free community edition and a more complete version that we can pay for. this would help spread flash over sliverlight for the hobbyists that can't afford the 500$ IDE. Companies would still pay the license, for the mode complete tool. (remember, monodevelop is free for moonlight)

      any thoughts?
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          That's an interesting suggestion. Currently, we don't have any plans to make Flex Builder open source. However, we have made some changes to address the demand among casual users (hobbyists or people learning Flex on the side).

          This week, we announced that starting next month, the entry level Flex Builder product will be available for only $250 (previously it was $500). This should put it within reach of a lot more developers looking to expand their skills.

          Also, don't forget that you can use the SDK with any text editor if you want to just try out the programming model.

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            camfieldaj Level 1
            Is that going to be $250 for the Windows and the Linux versions of FB3? That will be awesome. I can have one at work and one at home.
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              I think lowering pricing is a good strategy, expecially considering the fact that most linux users get all their software for free (as in beer, regardless 90% is also free as in free speech).
              I'll certainly buy a Flex3 license for Linux (no matter the price) as soon as the final product will be available.