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    Issues setting up a DDX file in Document Builder in Livecycle ES2

    Ross Malan Level 1

      I am currently trying to create a DDX document in ES2's document builder, according to the tutorial at this URL:

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/workbenchHelp/help.htm?content=003662.html#15553 09


      I'm basically trying to render an XDP("myForm") by inserting fragments that I have specified("Fragment1") into the form.


      Now, the example I mentioned above tells me to specify a source for my XDP content(which I assume is the folder where my fragments are kept), an insertion point for the fragment(which I again assume that it means the name of the subform of "myForm" where the fragment is to be inserted, which I have named "subForm1").

      Then there is the fragment name, which I have specified as "Fragment1".


      The DDX file validates fine, but when I try to preview the result, it firstly throws an 'xfa error' when I try to view it in the browser, and when I save the file and open it in designer it doesnt have the fragment inserted into it; just the base XDP form.


      I am seriously struggling to find any help on this subject, so if anyone knows how to help, please do....



      Ross Malan