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    Questions on Open file/Quicktime format/Scratch Dish Unavailable



      Hi there,

      I’m brandnew to Premiere CS4 and following a video training program, but I’ve got several problem at the start :

      1.       Cannot open a Premiere File in the Exercise Folder which have been copied on my desktop. I’ve also tried another approach by moving it into «My document \Adobe\ Premiere Pro  folder », unfoturnately, it didn’t help. Every time, when I double click «a Premiere File », it prompted me to a window asking to « select » a file. On the top of the pop-up window noting « Where is the file ‘30 second keeper.mov ? ». then I got thoroughly lost on way there. (see image : 0_open file_question)

      0_open file_question.PNG

      image: 0_open file_question




      2.       No Quicktime Option Apears In the projet setting dialogue when creating a new project. In « the new project dialogue »- General ->Capture -> Capture Format /the pull down menue only shows « DV » and « HDV » but « Quicktime » not listed, although it has been installed in my lenovo T61 laptop runing on Windows 7 with Quicktime pro 7.6. Besides, there’s no « video/audio/advanced » choises on the right hand side of the pull-down menue as I saw that it’s showing in the Video Training Program which is done on a Mac OS. (see image : 1_In Training Prgm & 2_In My Computer)

      1_In Training Prgm.PNG

      image : 1_In Training Prgm

      2_In My Computer.PNG

      image : 2_In My Computer




      3.       Quicktime file cannot played in Pr CS4, after importing.  On the display screen, the messege showed « Media offline ». What does that mean ? (see image : 3_Media offline)

      3_Media offline.PNG


      4.       Scratch Disk Write protected / unavailable. Is it obliged to creat a « Scratch Disk » ? For what purpose ?


      Since I was fowlling each step of the training video to set up a Scratch Disk, but when I reopen the file, it prompted me to the dialogue window (see image : 4_ScratchDisk_protected_unavailable/ 5_if i click_yes/ 6_if i click_cancel).


      image : 4_ScratchDisk_protected_unavailable

      5_if i click_yes.PNG

      image :  5_if i click_yes

      6_if i click_cancel.PNG

      image :  6_if i click_cancel



      Sadly I cannot continue to following my lesson without having a solution.


      Thank you all in advance.