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    Why is Illustrator CS4 so ******* sluggish in OSX?


      I always used Illustrator on Windows XP but have been forced to work on Illustrator on OSX (Imac dual core 3 Ghz with 4GB of ram OSX 10.5.8)

      at work for the last year. I like OSX but Illustrator performance is quite bad compared to what I'm used to on XP. By bad I mean that panning through your document with the hand tool is sluggish and slow (even set to faster updates in the display performance panel). Things get worse when working with images and more complex artwork. To illustrate what I mean is that CS4 on XP feels as fast or even faster than working in 'Outline Mode' on OSX. That's ridiculous.

      I think this is a Adobe related issue as other applications are plenty fast on OSX, rendering a PDF or scrolling through webpages for instance.


      So why is this exactly? And will this improve when CS5 comes out?