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    Graphic Symbol First Frame Issues with Tweening


      I'm working on some fairly detailed character animations, and accordingly have made most of the characters parts into graphic symbols. For instance, his hand is a graphic symbol which has multiple frames for each perspective or pose of the fingers, and I set the symbol to the proper frame in the characters main timeline.

      I've been having issues, however, when tweening these symbols. I noticed this first when I was working on a jump animation and I just wanted the hand, once its pose is in a state which will be used for the majority of its frames, to tween up and rotate with the arm and body. When I create this tween, however, it forces all other frames of that graphic symbol to be set to that same frame. The start and end frames of the tween are set to the same first frame, and even after trying to manually fix the subsequent frames of the symbol, it wont let me. I've triple checked all my symbol names, frame numbers and settings, and anything else I can think of and everything is in place, so I really have no clue why this is happening.

      Does anyone know how to fix this?? Thanks for any help!