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    PDF plugin problem

    Steffen Kuhnt Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      a customer of us is having problems displaying PDF forms in Workspace ES. They are using IE7 with Reader 9.2. Reader is the standard application for PDF files, the "Display PDFs in browser" option has been set, but Workspace is still displaying the "You must install Adobe Reader to view this form" message. It also doesn't work if Reader is open in the background during the process.


      What can be the reason for this? What can be checked to find out the reason why this problem is persisting? Maybe somebody knows what triggers this message box?


      Thank you for any help,



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          johnqdaily Level 1



          Have you found a solution to this?  I am seeing it also.





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            Steffen Kuhnt Level 1

            Hi John,


            as it turned out, there is a setting in IE where you can enable/disable ActiveX plugins. I do NOT refer to the overall ActiveX settings, but the "Manage AddOns" option in the settings dialog. There, each specific addon can be disabled/enabled separately. With some versions of Reader 9 there seemed to be a problem that (for unknown reasons) the Reader plugin was in a disabled state. Maybe you can check that?