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    Webhelp skin customization



      I've been trying to get some good information on how to customize skins for WebHelp in RoboHelp HTML 8, but I haven't been very successfull. I get the basics you see in the Skin editor, but my bosses would like to customize the look so it better matches our software. I have two main issues:

      1. Is there a way for me to display the company logo on the left side inthe header, rather than in the About Box on the right side?
        1. I was thinking I could just add it as another button, but you can't seem to customize the order of the buttons, thus I can't get it on the left.
      2. Is there a way for me to move the main navigation over?
        1. Rather than having it all line up on the left, I'd like it to be more centered, since I'll be making custom tab images to mimic tabs.


      Any information, resources, etc. you can offer would be a big help. I know from reading the forums that several users have done some extensive customization, I'd love to know how.