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    New version no longer generates .cnt, .fts, or .hlp files?


      Hi!  I inherited a project to update a Help application that hasn't been touched in 7 years.  I'm not sure what version the old one was in, I think it might have been 5, but I'm using Robohelp HTML version 7.  It seemed to convert my files fine and I've made my changes.  These are the output options I have available:


      1. WebHelp
      2. WebHelp Pro
      3. FlashHelp
      4. FlashHelp Pro
      5. Microsoft HTML Help
      6. XML Output


      The developer who links to the Help application from his program is looking for three files ending in .cnt, .fts., and .hlp.  When I outputted mine to WebHelp (which is what I normally use), these three files were not created.  I researched the .cnt, .fts., and .hlp file types and discovered that they all seem to be opened primarily by Microsoft Help applications. This made me think that maybe I should be outputting the files as # 5, Microsoft HTML Help. Alas, none of the three required files were generated using this output method, either.  For good measure, I tried publishing the files as each of the 6 output options but no luck, the three required files were not generated using any of these methods.


      This is making me think that maybe in the last 7 years, Robohelp has made some changes and it's no longer possible to output .cnt, .fts., or .hlp files.  Is this true?  If so, I'll have to get the developer to change his code to point to some other file type, perhaps the Microsoft HTML Help .chm file.  If it's not true, can anyone tell me how to generate these three files?  Thanks!