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    Use Site Root Relative paths


      Hi there,


      I am developing a Flash application where I load some images. The image paths are contained in an xml file that is read from the application.


      Up to now, I am using relative paths in the xml file. My question is if I can use site root relative paths?


      Let's say the site's directory is sth like below


      - root

           - /images

                - /image1.jpg

                - /image2.jpg

                - /image3.jpg

           - /swf

                - /app.swf

                - /images.xml


      I would like the xml to be



           <image src="/images/image1.jpg" />

           <image src="/images/image2.jpg" />

           <image src="/images/image3.jpg" />



      instead of...



           <image src="../images/image1.jpg" />

           <image src="../images/image2.jpg" />

           <image src="../images/image3.jpg" />



      I know I can use absolute paths but I prefer to use site root relative paths if that is possible.


      Thanks in advance,