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    Free and easy image transitions?

    AspIsFun Level 1

      Hi folks,


      does anybody know a easy way to make image transitions in Flash CS4? without using the timeline
      and without to much programming. Why invet the wheel again if somebody already has the answer?


      This is what i want to do:

      Put images/photos in a folder or import to the Flash libary and then let flash view the pictures with a pre-setted transition.

      The transitions could be: fade in/ fade out, blur in/blur out, pixel in/pixel out, zoom in/zoom out and so on (with a nice look)

      I want to select the pictures to be used and then select a transition for each image.


      For an example if i wanna do a image header lets say 900x400px and then víew my images in the folder with the selected transitíon.

      I tried to use the slide presentation feature but the transition looked like PowerPoint, boring and not so smooth.


      Somebody has a simple and free solution? I know this is not to hard for a experienced Flash user, but im a beginner =).