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    Need some help regarding the backgrounds


      I am new to adobe dreamweaver & I would like to ask some sort of a stupid question


      When I save a website over the net, the folder always contains the background & the other images as small tiny images while when using Dreamweaver if I want to use a background image, I just load it.

      My question is do they actually load the background image as small parts or the browser devides the image to smaller parts when saving the page?


      Thanks for ur help & I hope some 1 gonna answer me soon enough.

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          370H55V Level 4

          If you (or someone else) use a repeating background image (128X128 for instance) the browser, per instructions from the HTML or CSS, will "tile" the same image over and over to create the background. This doesn't display multiple copies of the image, but references it over and over alongside and below itself until the page reaches it's end.


          One exception to this is when there is a single large image (1024X768 for instance) used as a background, which usually doesn't repeat. In that case, if you were to download it, it would download as the one large image.


          Another exception is if the image is cut into pieces and put back together in divs inside the page. Often this is done to create the illusion of an image in a layer above the page, unrestricted by the square dimensions of HTML layout.

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