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    Limiting the max selection on a horizontal slider.


      Hello all,

      I'm new to flex, and got stuck while creating an application.  I have 8 horizontal sliders (each set min=0, max = 100).  I've gotten the application to only process the information if the totals from the sliders is 100.  (i.e. 4 sliders set to 25, and the rest to 0).  My question is this...


      Is there a way that I can limit the maximum selection while still having the maximum range be 100?  For example, if the user selects the first slider to be 35... the second slider would still have a max range of 100, but wouldn't allow the user to slide past 65?


      I've scoured google and adobe, but since i'm not sure exactly what i'm looking for is called, it's kind of difficult... I'm hoping this forum will be able to help me out.