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    filtering AdvancedDataGrid hierarchial data



      Pretty new to Flex 3!


      I have setup an Advanceddatagrid with the following XML data being returned



          <Doc cat_name="Doctor Category #1">

              <DocClaims cat_name="DoctorClaimNumber1" startDate="03/01/2010" endDate="03/05/2010">

                  <Status status="Open" statusDate="03/01/2010">

                  <Status status="Closed" statusDate="03/03/2010">

              <DocClaims cat_name="DoctorClaimNumber2" startDate="02/11/2010" endDate="03/01/2010">

                  <Status status="Open" statusDate="02/28/2010"/>

                  <Status status="Closed" statusDate="03/01/2010"/>





      What I would like to do is create a filter so that I can filter out DocClaims nodes using dates!

      I would also like to filter out dates on the Status nodes with both status and statusDate attributes!


      I can't find a way to do this easily.  When I add the filterFunction on the AdvancedDataGrid, I stepped through using a debugger and it seems that in the filter function, it returns an XML node for each Doc node.  I thought that it would hit the filter function for each different node to filter (each node includes Status and DocClaims nodes).  Instead it calls the filter function for the Doc nodes only!  The passed in Doc node includes all nodes underneath it.


      Not really sure how to proceed?  Do I have to manually remove the child nodes?  Really not a way I want to go.  Is there a way to setup the filterfunction so that it filters on the nodes that I need (Doc and DocClaims?)?  Seems I need to actually setup two different filter functions.


      Any help would be great!!!   Thanks!!!