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    Video Jumps & Skips after Exporting...HELP!


      Hello All,


      I am working with AVCHD footage in Premiere Pro & After Effects (using dynamic link).  All of the clips in the Premiere Pro sequence I have used the "Replace with After Effects Composition".  I am using After Effects mainly for keying out the green screen in my footage.  I "Export" the sequence from Premiere Pro (QuickTime:MPEG-4) and when I play the 3:37 video, the first 1:39 has 20 clips that are jumpy and skip.  There are also some clips in the beginning of the video that don't experience any sort of jumpy picture.


      I am very confused & frustrated because the second half of the video is perfect.  I even use some of the same footage in the beginning of the video in the end so it doesn't make sense that it skips & jumps in the beginning and not in the end!?


      It is tough for me to explain so here is a link to see the problem & hopefully some of  you have seen this and know how to fix it.


      I am current with all updates for all my Adobe software (Adobe Production Premium CS4) so I don't believe this to be the issue.




      In the clip, the beginning shows 2 different shots that are jumpy then you'll see the same shots (towards the end of the video) that don't jump.