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    Runtime error with Adobe Reader 9.x and IE


      I'm getting a runtime error with any adobe reader 9.x and Internet Explorer whenever a .pdf is being viewed online.  It will pull the .pdf up and then pop up a runtime error window and close it down completely.  It is only happening with individuals that have redirected app data folders and profiles.  I have all machines running Windows XP sp3 and IE8.  I know, I know, I can always go to Firefox or Chrome, but IE is easily managed with group policy lockdowns.  I can unintall reader 9.x and then reinstall 8.x and it works perfectly.  The only problem with that is that I have to go do every machine and physically uninstall since I buildt the windows xp installer package with it.  Does anyone know a workaround or if adobe is going to get it fixed pretty soon?

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          Same problem here on windows server 2008 and terminal-server-user. IE reply runtime-error when open any pdf in IE. Is there any workaround or need we downgrade to Reader 8.x?

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            I am experiencing exactly the same problems on one of two identical machines after something happened in the registry.

            The first problem that appered was an error 1325 "Favorites is not a valid short name".

            I did find the registry key involved (%userprofile%\Favorites) and fixed it.

            So now the the next one: yours.

            I think the solution can be found in the list of registry keys that Adobe Reader is accessing.

            btw Eusing registry cleaner did not find this key to be in error.

            Problem is that the Reader does not ask for an alternative location after stumbling on the key.


            Who can gnerate a list of keys accessed?