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    AdvancedDataGrid SummaryRow interferes with column sorting

    cheftimo Level 2

      In this grid, I would like to display a (summary) count in a row by itself instead of showing it in a separate column; that requires using rendererProviders – but when I introduce a renderer into the code, sorting of the name and price columns stops working.


      You can see the problem at http://www.webgourmand.com/wg/CyberCucina/CyberCucina.html. Here, go to the "Beverages, other" tab and see the sorting work; I would like to get rid of that 'Count' column. Now, go to the "Beverages TEST" tab, where the summary displays the way I would prefer, but the column sorts do not work.


      I think I have seen all there is to see on the web – and tried a thousand combinations of possibilities, but cannot figure out a way around this. Is this – God forbid! - a bug?


      Would anyone have any ideas about how to fix this?


      Best regards,




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