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    link sound and video in source monitor

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      I'm using CS3. I have a mpeg video clip and a wav sound file on the timeline. The video / audio is not multiplexed. They are linked on the timeline. What I'd like to do is link the video and audio and go into the source monitor with the material..   so I can edit subclips etc from source monitor and put into a new video layer on timeline.


      When I put both video and soundfile into source panel , edit video, and drag onto timeline only the video goes to timeline.


      Is there a way to link them in the source monitor so both video and sound can be edited to timeiline?





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          As a work around I can (have successfully done it just now..) copy paste my linked vid/sound on timeline into the layer I want, make my in/out points and just drag the clip down to the portion I want....sooo, if there's no way to link in the source monitor I guess this will work out..would be easier for me to work out of source monitor...so if there's any suggestions it's appreciated.  Meantime I will do the copy paste thing..




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            I am unaware of a direct, one-click way to do this, but you could put your Audio & Video onto the proper Tracks in a Sequence, sync them up and then Export a muxed file. Import that into a new Sequence and all will be contained, as you wish.


            Maybe someone will point out that one-click method. You've got CS3, right?


            Good luck,



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              Hi Bill,


              Ya......don't want to export and import...quality issue...need to keep what I got...


              However, I did the copy paste and just squeezed the clip down to what I want, and I'll just keep doing that for all the footage...


              I won't have to do it more than maybe a hundred times or so....cause most of the footage is stalking animals and long running pieces ...not an action movie with multiple cameras etc...   in which case this method would be a nightmare...I should be OK...thanks for the suggestion !

              Hope you are well..... time for some beer....finished the opening credits and they look good..



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                For an intermediate transfer CODEC, look into using the Lagarith Lossless CODEC. You would Export to it, and then Import it into a new Sequence.


                In a fairly recent thread, Jeff Bellune commented on two intermediate CODEC's, that really impressed him. I cannot find my notes, or the link to that thread yet, but will post it, when I do. I use Lagarith, and Jeff did too, but these two others showed promise. If he's impressed, they must be good.


                Good luck,



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                  Yes, I read that lagarith and have it installed ...and I think that thread also had to do with his frameserver , avisynth tutorials ( I ran into brick wall due to fact I don't have sorenson squeeze --- which really doesn't matter much as I don't want to squeeze stuff down for streaming etc anyway right now..)...but he has a lot of great information on his site, in threads etc


                  I did in fact export something using lagarith once as a test of something , and the file size was huge, took a long time...but it was good...


                  I know this is gonna sound stupid but I already spent 2.5 days doing tests of exporting this stuff on my timeline as m2v and authoring DVD's ( a few coasters now - as the test is before edit...just the pre-edit material ..useless really )...but I know the way the project is set up now will make a good DVD for the client ...so I loathe the idea of more testing just to mux the audio....


                  I linked on video 4, audio 4, ....am using video 1,2,3 for basic edit ( 4 becomes a sorta storage area and rough cut area for copy paste ). Have video on 1, images on 2, text (titles etc ) on 3.  Seems to be working OK.


                  Thanks and I definitely will store this knowledge for future ...




                  Here's something funny...opening credits look like closing credits...due to rolling....weird but true...live and learn...



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                    "Coasters," eh? Pick up a pack of 5 - 10 DVD RW's, and use those to test with. My 10-pack is about 3 years old and have been used constantly. Do NOT use these as delivery discs, but ONLY to test with. Encore can erase them and rewrite them. No more "coasters!"


                    Good luck,



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                      You could try Ganging the Source and program monitors together which maybe will play back the two sources as if they were linked.


                      Video in Source and Audio on the Timeline.


                      Maybe edit from there to a NEW sequence.

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                        hmmm, that sounds worth looking into ....my prob was keeping the link from timeline..cause putting that from timeline into source it loses link. only video gets the in out point...with or without audio in source as well.

                        tried grouping but that crashed cs3..but it recovered ok...thank goodness...and it had something to do with header info or something...

                        that was one of the things that impressed me about cs3...that it could ( did ) recover from my crazy behavior...hehe...linked and grouped and who knows what the heck im trying to do here...lol...

                        will keep what you just said in mind though cause theres logic to it.


                        I just did so much testing and vested so much time in that , I was hoping there might be some basic way to keep the link when going from timeline back to source monitor.... which is not right to begin with...usually you dont go to timeline first etc etc...


                        this copy paste is working good as long as I use video 4 as a sort of source monitor, and then shrink it with in out points in video 1 level.  keeps sync.


                        Thanks !



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                          Really ??? Are you serious ? I HAVE rw's...just never use them..got blanks here somewhere....will the quality look the same for test ?  That is paramount importance.



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                            For testing purposes, they will be just fine. Again, do not use these as delivery media, as some set-top players have issues playing them. Also, many feel that the lifespan of the burn is not nearly as good. For delivery, always use Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden and burn at less than max speed.


                            Good luck,



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                              Just a question cos I am curious how people "edit" and do stuff:


                              Considering what you have described as your video...


                              Why do you need to edit audio and video that obviously is not linked originally.... as if it were?


                              General practice is cut video to audio or vice versa.  Why the need to link it at this stage of the edit?

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                                Bill , for testing I am looking at really really fine distinctions in contrast, highlights, midtones, all that stuff...so that's what I mean...so do you think the RW will ( after using more than once ) will give me a true rendition ??? If so , I am game...I have some of them...

                                Also, thanks for that info about product to deliver ( brand ) ...copied to desktop for reference later..


                                Shooternz, it was sync'd and I screwed up the sync due to getting material from DVD ( vob  files )....renamed vob mpeg and put into cs3...but had no sound.  converted vob to avi in streamclip and ( despite seeing video frames during conversion to avi ) got only wav file out of it....

                                luckily the wav and renamed vob were exactly the same length ( sync'd ) in CS3....so that's why I have this stupid situation...haha...shoulda been multiplexed to begin with..



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                                  We "live and learn" !

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    The DVD RW's will be just fine. No need to burn up a bunch of Verbatims for that.


                                    Now, if you are getting into heavy duty color and density corrections, you might give some thought to a calibrated NTSC CRT monitor, and hooking it up via maybe your video camera with FireWire. THAT will give you the ultimate detail and color. As more and more folk go to LCD's, etc., you might be able to get a great deal on say a Sony NTSC monitor with calibration software. I'd check out B&H's used department.


                                    Good luck,



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                                      check THIS out...talk about living and learning....


                                      these are title credit...opening credits....and they look like END credits !!!!!! AAAAAAAAAA


                                      I'll be damned if I do this over, I aint gettin paid for this project.........but now I know...don't roll credits in the beginning !!!!!!





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                                        Bill, now that you mention that...I have another question..


                                        Is there a way to apply a global ( across many clips...perhaps ALL video clips ) adjustment to color, levels, contrast/brightness, etc.????


                                        If I have to do it clip by clip, fine...I will do it...but if I wanted to , for example, add some global correction to all the video in a range of clips...is that possible ??



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                                          I have to add....just FYI



                                          In CS3 I actually SEE in my program monitor a BETTER video picture than what I get when exported.....richer color, better all around...


                                          Now...when exported I estimate I'm losing about 10-15% of what I see in the program monitor....



                                          sooooo , all I have to do is globally adjust it and it would be fixed....  ( of course I'll end up doing this clip by clip if not...but I'm just wondering )



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                                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                                            Use a nested sequence and there apply your color correction.

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                                              Well, true "global corrections/Effects" are not possible, BUT you can apply the Effects that you think you will need "globally," to a single Clip, and then Rt-click on it, choosing Copy. Now, Select (either Shift+click, or lasso with the Cursor) all other Clips, Rt-click and choose Paste Attributes.


                                              If you need to alter those Pasted Effects, there is no problem doing so at any time, in the Effects Control Panel.


                                              Hope this helps and good luck,



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                                                aha !



                                                Thank you Bill...that will work !  I can use the page up page down key to go to all clips and do that throughout the timeline...


                                                Thank you thank you !  haha...what a blast this is...where there's a will there's a way...






                                                I just spoke to Josh for a long time ( he saw the thing on youtube  which I will now delete )...and boy, what a wake up call...


                                                He agrees entirely that the opening credits look like end credits.


                                                No crying over that...I knew that...


                                                He wants to make some lettering bigger, some smaller...OK...I agree...


                                                We move some credits he had in his original DVD from Title to End credits....OK....I agree entirely...


                                                Now we are at the point where I say to him, " You know, at some point this becomes like having the agency over your shoulder watching a video tap of what's happening thru the lens...and everyone has a suggestion...client, agency, etc "....and I have only so much time for this, as this is pro bono...


                                                Soooo, for the 3rd time I've asked him for info about various story board related stuff ( what animal are you going for? what animal is THAT, what day is THIS , where are we NOW....)

                                                if he wants to tell a story...I have to know this...


                                                sooo, I'm gonna put this project to sleep now until I get more info from him ....he says he's gonna sit down, watch the DVD he sent me (source ) make not of time and make note of what's going on...descriptions ( like notes from script girl )....  and send to me


                                                At that time I will resume this project....  I asked, "timewise , is this possible within a week ???, he said, "yes"....

                                                Sooo, I saved all my notes, custom presets, everything is very good for a holding pattern...and that's what I'm gonna do now.


                                                Luckily we also talked about a scene that I didn't like so much ( won't describe it...too yucky ) and asked if we could lose that and he agreed ...so that's good.....whew....


                                                Thanks everyone for help and I've learned a lot about the workflow to get stuff into CS3, export and burn DVD and get good quality...I am in fact impressed with CS3 more than I was before...as I have a mouse computer and CS3 has not let me down at all !  In fact, is very cool ...



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                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                  I feel your pain. Many years ago, my cousin came to me to design a Web site for her trout ranch. Fine, no problem. I sent her the normal assignment list of questions: audience, their specific demographic, intent of Web site, history, services, etc., etc. Never got a thing back, but tons of e-mails on her ideas on how the site should look and the sites that it should link to. "OK, those are useful bits of info, but lets get back to the questions. I need those first." More sites to link to, and a couple of shreds of paper with ideas. "What's that on the bar napkins?" "Oh, that's the history of the ranch." I traveled to her ranch and shot for several days, and sent the select images on DVD for her to do a final edit. She sent those to Orvis, to use in a calender, without even credits! Luckily, I had not sent the chromes. She contacted me and asked if I had more stock shots, as Orvis wanted to save money on having someone shoot for them... Uh, not quite.


                                                  Finally got some useful ideas, and did a complete layout of the site. I kept pressing for the "Who We Are" material, and got more napkins and backs of envelopes with some real Joycean writings. I took all of that info to a copywriter friend, who owed me for some photoshoots. He worked for a few weeks, e-mailing me lists of questions. I FWD'ed those to cousin, and never got a reply. When he was done, I sent the copy to her - not even close. I asked her to write it all down in a TXT, or DOC file and send it to me. A few weeks later, I got legal sheet of lined paper with words that would have made Kafka ponder.


                                                  Still, I plugged along, and sent the complete layout. "Where's the canoe rental?" "No one ever mentioned canoe rentals." "Where's the horse boarding?" "What horse boarding? When did that get added?" On it went. I finally managed to do a mock-up of the site, which was now about 60 pages, and linked to over 300 sites around the globe. Well, now there was an espresso stand on the highway, a dog boarding concession and a half-dozen other additions. Plus, the interiors of all of the rooms had been redone, since I shot them. I built the changes in Photoshop, and "redecorated" each room, per the descriptions of those decorations.


                                                  Even then, the Who We Are was not right, and incomplete. After four months of work, I issued an ultimatum - I am done, until you get me the info requested in that first form, with a BTW - here's another copy. [Sounds a bit like Harm's 5th request for necessary info.]


                                                  A month elapsed, and then I got an e-mail. A friend of a friend had designed a wonderful site for her in trade-out. I went to the URL. It was a two pager with zero links to anything. It did have a Who We Are, but it read like Lawrence Ferlinghetti.


                                                  Next e-mail was "would you be my Webmaster and update my site weekly?" My answer was that because I was so busy, I was not the right person for that job. I taught her Acrobat, and did add a few PDF pages for her, but that was it.


                                                  In the end, it was hard labor and little fun. The site was passable, but nothing like she stated was necessary. I do not know if she ever updated any of the PDF's, but highly doubt it. I never even got a thank you note from Orvis either. Loads of fun. Remember my comment in another thread on the "Three Reasons for Taking an Assignment?" Could have been fun, but it was not.


                                                  I wish you luck, as I have "been there - done that," and it ain't no fun.



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                                                    haha...yeah, it was kinda interesting getting to this point with my buddy...

                                                    in hindsight I think I kinda might have been too blunt about not doing this

                                                    as a collaboration based on me doing stuff , him reacting, me changing

                                                    stuff, etc... The creative stuff I would like to keep working on a

                                                    bit....for example ( I am really surprised I didn't KNOW THIS ) that rolling

                                                    credits look like end credits ...geez what a dope -gotta fix that ).  The

                                                    fire still isn't working either...even though its kinda cool...it's iffy....


                                                    Theres some footage I ran in reverse at the beginning ( not on mp4 I

                                                    uploaded ) showing the place he stays at..which looks nice ( river,

                                                    landscape, pan to lodge )...

                                                    Just a basic edit would be OK for me to do right now...send it off to him

                                                    that way.


                                                    I will take out the dictionary meaning of safari, maybe the whole map thing

                                                    ( which seemed to confuse him ) and just do titles and so on. I don't think

                                                    he was crazy about the music ...


                                                    Maybe this initial showing to him will spur him to get some info to me. The

                                                    guy who put us together is supposed to visit him in a few days, and maybe

                                                    that fellow ( a dp and dir ) will help him understand what I need to work

                                                    with..  We'll see.


                                                    haha..your story is funny....



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                                                      Well....everything tested great with sound sync and buring a test DVD but now that I've edited a few bits of video it's gone out of sync.  Not on the timeline...that is in sync....but when I export it to mpeg dvd ....soooo, I have to take the earlier suggestion re: export to a format that multiplexes the video and sound...


                                                      sheesh....good thing I tested after a couple hours of editing...don't lose that much time...


                                                      Now, should I try exporting as avi type 2 using logarith do you think ??..will see what my options are...off to export...


                                                      Will check back in a bit and see if there's any suggestions for best quality..



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                                                        HA !   It's official !  Ann was right....I am going to the video tape...capture from tape, dv avi type 2, starting from scratch...


                                                        What a trip....  as the tests were fine....  entire sequence put on DVD...all looked great...good sync, etc etc


                                                        But when I began doing real editing , it blew up in my face !!!!!   Yikes !


                                                        Live and learn....



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                                                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                          We see a lot of this, mostly when one is working with MPEG-2 footage as source. Things test perfectly in the Timeline, but when the Export/Transcode to MPEG-2 happens, sync goes out and it usually is dynamic OOS.


                                                          On one Project, I fought this for a week. I kept "fudging" the inverse of the OOS that I was getting on Transcode, and never was able to nail it. It seemed that though I had adjusted by, say a -12 Frame amount in PrPro, things were still out by +12 Frames on the DVD. Finally told the client that unless we could get the "real footage," this was as good as it was going to get.


                                                          I tried with both my source MPEG-2's and several conversions to DV-AVI Type II. Sounded great on the Timeline, but just was flat out of sync on the produced DVD.


                                                          I'm not smart enough to come up with a definitive answer, and can only state speculation and observation.


                                                          Good luck, and maybe someone will drop by with, "hey, this is the exact reason for the OOS, and here's the fix... "



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                                                            haha...I can imagine what you went through...I just did 3 days of converting and testing and was happy as Lark with my title stuff ( even though I changed them due to idiocy on my part ....who puts rolling credits for titles ???  I must have been the first ...)


                                                            Then all I did was some basic editing on the video and man, what a disgrace...  Odd thing...in Media Classic sound is out of sync...In QT it is not out of sync....  ( the m2v file )...


                                                            But from QT it cannot be exported to another format...I tried 6 ......just now....2 were errors almost causing program crash...that type of thing...one was a a crash of program   ....I did not send an error report to microsoft as prompted....is that a joke or something ???


                                                            Anyway, thanks for feedback...it's a bust for sure and Josh is gonna capture the tape on his computer, upload FTP, and I get dv avi type 2 ...


                                                            I think I can salvage the titles ...hope so...it was a few hours of work...this stuff takes a lot of time, you know ?? Heh...


                                                            Live and Learn...




                                                            I think I'll hang out in the lounge and have a beer...    what a day...

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                                                              You know, this is just a hunch...but I was dealing with about 10-12 frame

                                                              thing too...and it got me thinking maybe the DVD authoring program ( that

                                                              made the DVD that I got the VOB file from ) does something to the interlace

                                                              vs progressive characteristic...like for example I only had video when I

                                                              renamed the VOB mpeg. I used streamclip to convert mpeg to avi and got only

                                                              sound....when I put mpeg video (only video ) into gspot, it couldnt tell me

                                                              what the frames were ....greyed out...could not see if it was interlaced or


                                                              Then, in a few frames on my timeline I noticed half frame artefacts in a

                                                              few....was weird...but unlike odd or even scan line type stuff it was top

                                                              half or bottom half of frame...very strange stuff going on.


                                                              You will be happy to know that as a last resort I was looking at  " the book

                                                              ".....re: lagarith and other lossless codecs ( some quicktime ) and that was

                                                              really helpful believe it or not...and some of your previous  ( and John

                                                              Smith's stuff on "what to use and what to avoid " ) info came in handy...


                                                              At least it gave me options to try .....   all of which failed

                                                              miserably....hahaha...but only cause the source I was working with was

                                                              equivalent to the glow in the dark green atomic contaminated sludge found on

                                                              the underside of Hudson River barges....not due to the cool info from you