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    bringing in foreign files -


      Our marketing department has been using Corel Draw for 18 years. I use photoshop some and dreamweaver/fireworks a lot, but have used AI minimally for lack of time to change horses, since it has always been learn as you need it here. The Navy wants us to switch to Adobe, although they haven't approved the CS4 premium or web design suite, which we need to do our work. We have years worth of corel files, many of which we use to update for new marketing requests. There's alot of corruption that goes on in the text if we convert to pdf and open it in illustrator. It works for me to save as AI with updating of text, but it would seem that Adobe in design would be where we should put our fliers, brochures & pages with more text than graphics. Maybe I'm asking in the wrong forum...but the only thing we've done in InDesign is open Quark, and that isn't too clean either. Since we can change Corel to AI, how is it we can't save a Corel, pdf or an AI to an InDesign document...or can we?

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          Since we can change Corel to AI, how is it we can't save a Corel, pdf or an AI to an InDesign document...or can we?

          You can't, but you can Place the AI or PDF file into ID, but you will not be able to edit the file itself that way.

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            Since we can change Corel to AI, how is it we can't save a Corel, pdf or an AI to an InDesign document...or can we?


            Why should you? Corel Draw + AI = vector drawing program. InDesign + QuarkXPress = paghe layout program. One is utterly unrelated to the other and there are major technical and workflow differences. One merely focuses on visual appearance, the other, for all intents and purposes, needs to take care of structure, meta data and all that as well. So whatever you do, you will have to swallow some bitter pills and spend considerable time on file format conversions. Of course once you move inside Adobe land and operate with native formats, things will get a lot easier again, but transitions are always difficult.



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              Thanks. I moved away from Quark and do all my layout in Corel, even the

              brochures etc. as it handled my graphics better and eventually the IT's

              couldn't load the newest Quark in my machine anyway...no idea why, but two

              of us were no longer able to open our Quark and that involved a transfer and

              rebuilding of documents...so I've been there, sigh.  The coworker who uses

              Quark is very unhappy with the quality of the Quark that comes into

              InDesign, having to redo all the graphics and she uses the goofiest fonts

              available, so she has a bigger problem. We originally went with Corel in the

              80's because it came in an all inclusive suite & seemed more suited to PC-

              DOD decision- while we had to combine what we needed from Adobe in different

              & more expensive packages. It's been a good program for us and with

              everything we do being a "rush" job, taking the time to figure out AI, even

              though we bought CS2 a few years ago, needs time allotted that we haven't

              been given. I had to buy my own version of Macromedia to learn it at home on

              my own time before I took on our web site. Guess that's probably what is

              going to have to happen now.  Thanks for the help.


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