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    SONY GV-HD700 & Premiere CS4


      I own a SONY GV-HD700 mini dv tape deck and adobe premiere cs4. I can't for the life of me, get premiere cs4 to recogize my GV-HD700 : / I'm using a SONY HDR-FX1000 camera, but trying to use the tape deck for capturing to premiere. In premiere's capture screen, it shows the deck as off line. but I can still control the tape deck from premiere. (play, ffwd, rwd and stop). when I click on the status button it shows as online. HELP! please. p.s. I'm using  fire 400, 4 pin

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I think PR just gets confused, as I am when seeing that type:


          Sony GV HD - DV deck. Who could have thought of that type designation:


          Sony Grass Valley High Definition DV deck. That is enough to confuse everybody.


          First is check your deck settings for NTSC-PAL switches, like the DSR11, and other menu settings.

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            magicmel Level 1

            Her's a link to B & H website which has the sony gv-hd700 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=516841&Q=&is=REG&A=details

            I'll check for the suggestion you mentioned. thanks. menu setting (again) and for a pal or ntsc-pal switch. I'll keep you posted.





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              JayAshby Level 1

              I have used the desk top Sony device as an easy way to input video into Premier.  Also good for exporting the finished product to make a Master Tape for storage.

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                JayAshby Level 1

                In the Capture function of Premier, go to "settings"  set the device as..SONY and also set

                in pull down as SONY STANDARD.


                You get a DV product...NOT a HDV product.  I do not understand why...but it works for importing tapes from a shoot.

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                  are you using windows 7 by any chance. It's something to do with windows 7 installing the incorrect driver by default. I'll have to play with my HD700 and check to see which drivers I picked. As far as I remember choosing the driver manually makes everything appear.


                  I've just used mine to capture some stuff through hdvsplit so it does work.


                  It appears in device manager under sound, video and game controllers as sony d-vhs device so you will need to find it in device manager, choose to update the driver and choose it manually.


                  It's been a while since I did this but I'm pretty sure this will sort it for you, Hopefully!

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                    JayAshby Level 1

                    Hi Bradshaw,


                    Weird things happen with Premier.


                    I just sent a project to Encore via Adobe Dynamic Ling in File pull down.

                        • All worked fine.  Some how computer mist have fixed what ever.


                    Yes I am on Windows 7.


                    Am visiting my computer guru tomorrow to have him check drivers and set.


                    BUT>>>>  a new issue just popped up.  Maybe you have a solution.  Just made

                    a test DVD of a new project.  The DVD screen shows at 1/2 size on computer

                    and on wide screen tv.  NO GOOD.  How do I set controls  to get a full

                    screen image recorded?????  Arrrrgggaaahhhh



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                      BradshawWhite Level 1

                      Hi, What are you project settings, are you hd or sd/ widescreen or 4:3?


                      Also how are you bringing it into encore, with dynamic link?


                      when the video is in the project window does one of the columns show the dimensions. Are they the same as your project, i.e. if you were in PAL land like me it would be 720x576.


                      If I get understand correctly your video isn't filling the screen so either you have a setting wrong in encore, like bring sd into an hd project (though I though that would just scale it.) or else somehow you are bringing the video into encore scaled down with black borders the whole way around it making it look like it's been scaled down.


                      Let me know your settings and I'll have a look at encore. i never really change any settings so I'll have to look and familiarise myself with settings.


                      BTW, my name is Michael "Bradshaw" but thats ok. I get called Bradshaw all the time as people don't realise it's my company name!

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                        magicmel Level 1

                        I've since found the answer to my dilemma. JayAshby is correct in that in premiere cs4 or cs3, you need to set the device as; "SONY" and also set

                        in pull down as "SONY STANDARD". But in order to capture in HD, you'll need to go into the GV-HD700 menu settings and under the in/out rec

                        go/toggle down to the "i-link conv" in the menu. select it then turn off the "i-link conv" !!! NOTE, YOU MUST FIRST UNPLUG THE "i-LINK CABLE"

                        (FIREWIRE) PRIOR TO TURN OFF THE "i-LINK CONV"!!!. Please note that you will NOT be able to view what is being captured in the capture window

                        within premiere cs3 or cs4. you will be able to view the tape content in the tape deck's monitor.


                        I hope this helps anyone that was having the same problem(s)





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                          JayAshby Level 1

                          Hi Michael,


                          OOOOPPPSSS.. Sorry, I went by the name on the e-mail




                              I enter a project by importing HDV via the HD 700.  Initial set is

                          1080i/30 (60)


                              THEN to Capture in Premier, I am forced to set HD in settings as Premier

                          (for me) will NOT accept HDV.


                              On finishing and export to Encore via Adobe Dynamic Link (This is new in

                          CS4)  Out put is Mpeg 2, 720 x 480 in HD. In wide screen.


                              I am NTSC. Camera is Sony V1U 3 chip CMOS.  Shoots in 1080i(60)


                              The recent projects I have done as tests produce a good image..But

                          boirder of the display is black all around in, but in computerplay back and

                          on a t.v.  Yes it looks as if it has been scaled down from all previosu

                          projects.  The project screen in Premier looks normal.  I think I am

                          exporting in a scaled down size ...BUT have no idea what is different in my

                          settings from before.  The new ingredient is CS 4.  This never happened in



                              Until today Encore would crash computer. Today works fine???


                              Maybe please tell me YOUR Premier CS4 settings so I can check aghainst



                          Thanks for the help and chat,



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                            BradshawWhite Level 1

                            ok, i think you are capturing standard def footage into a hd timeline. When you play the timeline in video does it appear with black borders the whole way round?


                            If your footage is on the tape is hdv (1440 x 1080) you have two options to get a standard def dvd (720x480 in your case, NTSC).


                            Either, capture hdv into an hdv project and then either export to a file in SD or use Dynamic Link and let Encore transcode it to SD, probably not necessary if you don't want to use bluray etc.


                            or, turn on ilink conversion on the hd700 and capture in standard def DV. That would mean your sequence setting would be DV NTSC widescreen 48k.


                            then use dynamic link as you have been doing and all should be fine.


                            The issue seems to be your sequence settings in premiere.


                            I use CS5 and can't remember if you can have different sequence settings in the same project but if go up to the menus, sequence, sequence settings, it should be DV NTSC widescreen 48k. If it's hd or hdv then your SD footage will appear smaller than the screen, you can scale it up to fill it but that will make it look bad and so it's best to use the SD sequence settings.


                            If you have edited a lot, just make a new sequence with the correct setting and copy and paste everything from the other sequence into it.


                            Hope this all makes sense. I'm trying to remember differences between CS4 and CS5.


                            Also hope we aren't hijacking a thread!


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                              JayAshby Level 1

                              I am experimenting now in different settings.


                              Just  did 1 as a DV 720 x 480, wide screen with I-Link conv. ON.


                              Worked!!!  As to filling up the screen.


                              Now will input a 1080i and see what that does.  But Computer still must be

                              in DV.  Think I may be missing drivers to video card.


                              The DV NTSC in wide screen looks good...BUT is NOT HDV.


                              Now importing a 1080 I clip into a new project to see IF Premier will change

                              to 720 x 480.  Would sove me heaps of time if it can.


                              I have been editing for many years; always with Adobe.  Every other version

                              (in between good years), seems to be badly screwed up. CS 3 was terrific.


                              Will advise.



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                                JayAshby Level 1

                                Hi Michael,


                                Followed your suggestions and fooled around with Premier some.


                                I reset the HDV clips into Premier as DV 720 x 480 wide screen.  Did not

                                know IF Premier would resize the format; but tried and it did.


                                Seems the black border WAS a function of the input of HDV 1080i and the

                                Premier set output of 720 x 480 in DV only.


                                I ran 3 different clips through the 720 x 480 DV going in and out.  Result

                                is a FULL screen.


                                I will use this method UNTIL I can resolve the capture card issue of Premier

                                (in my computer) NOT being able to process HDV from Capture to DVD



                                Will keep you posted.




                                If what we stumbled into as a solution, can assist others, fine.

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                                  hi, i also use hd700, but i have the problem that i could not capture my finished HDV video from premier cs4 to the GV-HD700.

                                  i only can record in DV, not HDV


                                  anybody use this option, play the finished HDV video in the timeline/premier, and capture it via firewire with the HD700 ?


                                  iLINK converter is disaypled on the HD700.


                                  please help. i want to record in HDV with the HD700.

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                                    Infocuz erick

                                    I have a Sony deck 700. i Cant not do a HDV capture. I have total control of the deck but i dont capture rec Botton on.

                                    please help

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                                      magicmel Level 1

                                      Hi inficuz erick


                                      Go into the menu of the GV_HD700 and turn off the IEEE/iLink option. Don't ask why but it works. Then capture away. I hope this solves your problem.

                                      Technology, It's suppose to make life easier...Yeah right :/



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                                        JayAshby Level 1

                                        In Premier, set a project to work on or view in time lione


                                        Click on CAPTURE


                                        Look in upper right corner.  Select SETTINGS


                                        Look down about 1/2 way on tight,  Click on DEVICE CONTROL


                                        Click on DV/HDV Control


                                        Click on OPTIONS


                                           Select Video to NTSC


                                           Select SONY


                                           Select  STANDARD***


                                            • Sony/Adobe has NOT included the -700, so STANDARD setting works.


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                                          Infocuz erick Level 1

                                          Hi. Thks. I have this setting ok. I have control of the deck, rew, fast f, stop. But the rec button is off. I dont have problem in dv capture.

                                          Thks for you help.


                                          Eriberto Mercado Plaza




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                                            JayAshby Level 1

                                            Try 1 more thing.  Before you start an edit. set up choices of the project and be sure to select HDV before beginning.


                                            Some one else replied to your question...."Go to MENU of the -700...Turn OFF the IEEE option"....  News to me.  Give a try.

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                                              magicmel Level 1

                                              @JayAshby... turning off iEEE worked for me when I had the same problem.


                                              Mel... aka magicmel


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                                                JayAshby Level 1

                                                Thanks, Mel,


                                                I had NOT heard of this "fix".



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                                                  magicmel Level 1

                                                  Your welcome Larry (JayAshby)

                                                  I got this right from the owners manual (tiny blurp) amongst some other text. Same applies to the Sony HDR-FX1000 video cams, of which I own 3.


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                                                    JayAshby Level 1

                                                    Will disable that IEE on next edits. I use a V1-U and a A1-U


                                                    Are you knowlegable on Photos shop CS4???

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                                                      Do you have to use Firewire with the GV-HD700/1 to make it work? 

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                                                        JayAshby Level 1

                                                        Yes you must use Firewire.  The old “sort of square” end.  Keep heads clean.  I made a cover for mine