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    display issue


      I've just opened existing files with CS4 for the first time, but they only display properly in Design view if Live View is enabled. With Live View turned off, it displays the right background color (as set in the css style sheet, not embedded) but no images or text of any kind.  If I click around in the blank background it does give a cursor or box around elements, but doesn't actually display any of them.  Both the css (style.css) and html (index.html) validate without error.


      While under early development the site is temporarily at: http://home.fuse.net/verdandi/temp/olssisite/index.html


      Anyone know why it's not displaying right in non-Live View Design view?


      This is my first use of Dreamweaver in a while; my last use was a few versions ago.  I hope I'm not missing something obvious.