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    Channel login error with HTTPS connection



      I have developed a Flex application which relies on remote object invocations to BlazeDS. I have applied custom authentication to the AMF channel, so login is required to invoke remote objects over the channel.

      Application worked perfectly in development environment but at production environment I cannot get channel sucessfully logged in. I have debugged application and no response is obtained from server after channel.login() invocation. Backend resides on Apache Tomcat that listens on port 80. Server is fronted by a Proxy Server that sets HTTPS protocol (https://domain:80/context is set at browser URL although I request http://domain:80/context).

      At development environment requests where made with HTTP protocol so I wonder if this issue is related with the HTTPS protocol present in the new server.

      Do I need to configure my channels to use secure (HTTPS) communications? Why am I not getting any error response from channel login operation?

      I reviewed server logs and It seems login AMF invocation are been tracked but I cannot get any response.


      Thank you in advance.