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    Worst eBook Reader ever


      The Adobe Digital Editions Reader is a total piece of garbage.  Really, did you guys spend five minutes developing this or what?  If you spent any more time, it certainly doesn't show. 


      The most glaring defect for me is the inability to change the text color.  The book I downloaded is in a shade of blue that is hard on the eyes.  The lack of ability to specify highlight colors is also an annoyance.  I will not buy another Adobe eBook until you come out with a reader with decent functionality.

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          I Know its poop but its litterally just there so you have the ability to download DRM'd ebooks. I dont think they were anticipating people using it to read books on witch is a little silly on there part. But as i said its litterally just on your computer to give you the ability to download the books you've purchased and at a stretch move them to your ereader device.

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            You have other choices.....


            ADE is more than a transfer device.  When it was designed some of its

            primary objectives were to serve as a personal library organizer and

            manager, including keeping track of library books that someone could

            download.  DRM - or digital rights management - is a segment of ADE and all

            other major ebook management and transfer systems.  If you don't like how

            ADE handles DRM materials, perhaps you should try Bluefire or Overdrive and

            see if they suit you better.  OTOH, if you're saying that you don't like how

            DRM itself works (regardless of ebook management system), that's another

            issue altogether.