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    Need to restore .ali file


      Hello all,


      Recently, I was shocked to discover that all of the context sensitive help topics had disappeared from my help system. I was able to trace the problem back to a .ali file that was missing nearly every .htm filename and alias. I'm trying to find an old .ali file to restore all of the Map ID links to the way they were before all of this happened. The problem is that when I put the .ali file in place, none of the Map ID associations reappear. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?





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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Tony.


          If the .ALI file you have found is exactly what you require, try closing the project, renaming the existing project's .ALI file and then renaming the old "good" one to the same as the new "bad" one. Does that make sense? Then open the project. Does this retain the connection with your mapids? If not, I'd open the old "good" .ALI file and copy the contents to the clipboard. Then open the new "bad" .ALI file in Notepad and paste in the content. If both of these solutions do not work, you may end up having to remap the mapids to the required topics thereby rebuilding the project's .ALI file.



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            TonyLizza Level 1

            Thanks, Colum. It looks like I may have to restore the entire project in order to get those Map IDs

            after all.