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    How to turn off Check Out prompt in RH7 for VSS version control.

    City Sue

      Using RH7 HTML, and VSS version control. Have been using without problem for 2 years. Now I had to get a new computer

      set up, VSS seems to be correctly set up with RoboHelp, and asks to 'get latest' when I open a project, in the usual way.


      However, each time I try to edit a topic in RH now, I am prompted to check out the topic.This should happen automatically. the RH tip that displays says:

      "To turn off prompts when performing version control tasks manually, clear the option on the version control tab. Files are then checked out automatically.

      Note: Files not selected in the list cannot be checked out."


      this is unclear - there IS no version control tab, and which option are they saying to clear? there is a version control toolbar, and File>Version Control menu, neither of which has a 'prompt checkout' option.


      I need not to check out manually every time!