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    Tables/Cells/Background images


      Hello, this is probably a very minor issue but I am new to Dreamweaver so please bear with me (I am fairly technologically inclined and have a solid understanding of InDesign and Photoshop so I'm not a total beginner!).  I am trying to prepare an html email and from Google research I decided to construct a layout in a table with a top banner cell then two cells in the inside and a bottom banner cell (ie top banner, two columns, bottom banner if that makes sense).  I can't for the life of me figure out how to get a background image within an individual cell within the table.  I have looked up many articles on this and it looks so simple - select the cell, then in the Bg field you can either select a color or click the folder icon and choose a graphic.  I only have one Bg field and that is to select a color, no option no matter how I click, to get a Bg image.  Help please help!  Thank you!!!