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    "JVM terminated" error

      Downloaded and installed the newest release of beta 3.2. Running in XP. Started working through the tutorial; clicked on the Design View tab, and it shuts down FlexBuilder and pops up a long JVM terminated message.

      I see others posted this problem earlier in the summer, but haven't seen a resolution.
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          Greg (Adobe)
          We have received some reports of such problems, but have not been able to reproduce the crash internally. Does the crash always happen, or just occasionally? Also, are you usng the standalone or plug-in version of FB?

          -- Greg Dow
          -- Adobe Flex Builder Team
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            jimwfly Level 1
            I'm using the standalone version (non-Eclipse, is what I assume you mean).

            And at least in the first project (which is as far as I've gotten), it always happens when the Design View tab is clicked.

            I can send you the error log file, if you like.
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              I am using the FlexBuilder stand alone version on an Intel Mac and the crash happens every time I enter design view.
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                Larry McLister (Adobe) Adobe Employee
                Hi there,
                We'd really like to take a look at this but we need your help since we aren't reproducing this condition. Can you give us a bit more information and if you have the time file a bug? Is it simply that you click on design view? Can you try to reproduce using a new workspace?

                Choose File > Switch workspace > Other, type in a new workspace location and hit ok.

                Create a new project and try to reproduce the issue

                This may solve the problem in which case
                Choose File > Import > Other > General > Existing projects into workspace

                Browse to the location of your existing projects (usually documents/flex builder 3 or my documents \flex builder 3) and hit OK.
                select the appropriate projects and import them.

                Either way, I urge you to file a bug in our public facing bug system. and post the bug number back to this thread. It is very hard for us to address an issue when we can reproduce it so that is where we need your help.

                Flex Builder Team
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                  jimwfly Level 1

                  The current workspace Flex Builder created by default lives under:
                  c:\Documents and Settings\<myusername>\My Documents\Flex builder 3\RIA

                  I switched the workspace to:
                  c:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\tutorial

                  and it created a new directory here:
                  c:\Documents and Settings\<myusername>\My Documents\Flex builder 3\tutorial

                  It's as if it's confused about where directories really live.

                  I'm not sure how to file a bug about this because it seems pretty wonky.

                  I think at this point I'm going to try to uninstall everything, reinstall, and start over. I remember changing some directories from the default upon installation, and maybe that confused it.
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                    jimwfly Level 1
                    As a followup, I reinstalled, and the same thing happens. When I click on the Design tab, and it starts loading the screen, then shuts everything down with the JVM terminated error. I'll file a bug with the error file.
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                      Greg (Adobe) Level 1
                      When you, or anyone else who experiences this probllem, files a bug on this issue, please include your configuration information. In FB, go to Help > Product Details and click the "Configuration Detals" button. Copy the information and paste it into your bug report.

                      -- Greg Dow
                      -- Adobe Flex Builer Team
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                        Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                        Because this is a JVM crash, we'd also like to gather some additional information beyond what Greg has requested. If you can, when you file a bug please upload your JVM crash log. On Windows, this file can be found in the same folder as your flexbuilder.exe or eclipse.exe, and usually has a name starting with "hs_err_pid". This will be a big help to us in diagnosing your problem.

                        Thanks so much!

                        - Peter
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                          jimwfly Level 1
                          Peter -- I did upload the crash log when I filed the bug. Let me know if it didn't come through.

                          Also, a co-worker is having the same problem I am. Kind of a shot in the dark, but we both have Oracle JDeveloper 10g loaded, and we're wondering if that's causing conflict.

                          I will add configuration details to the bug report.
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                            Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee
                            Got it: https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-9925

                            Thanks for the info, Jim. We will take a look.

                            - Peter
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                              yoav@cyteam.com Level 1
                              I have been experiencing this similar JVM terminate error.code = 1 problem as well ( windows XP sp2 ; standalone FB3.2) . Haven't been able to create an exact reproducible scenario. However, have error -logs available if anyone interested.
                              The most recent occurrence happened when I was running both FB and FlashCs3, creating some SWC files and copying them over ( some older SWCs ) ??
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                                yoav@cyteam.com Level 1
                                More occurrences, a couple just on startup, program terminated before even showing its first screen.
                                Left the program running overnight and when came back in the morning it was terminated. Incidentally, Flash CS3 was also running. However, I tried to see if there are any dependencies between the two but couldn't identify any.