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    Calling Help from RoboServer8 - Problem with CSH


      Hi, we upgraded our product from RoboHelp 7 to the Technical Communications Suite II.  We also purchased the RoboServer 8.  I can publish to the server from RoboHelp8 and provided the URL to our Development department, however, when we try to call a CSH (individual context sensitive topic) we get a page that says "The help page you are looking for can be found here" and "here" is a link to the correct topic.  My question is why doesn't the topic just open when we click the application link in the product.  Why does it go to this in between page. It causes our users to click twice to get to a CSH topic.


      Anyone have this problem and resolved it?   We have a release March 26th and need this to work by that date. Please HELP if you can.  Thanks in advance.


      We used RoboHelp8 with WebHelp projects using CSH and have no problem.  For this one, we are using FlashHelp Pro and publishing to RoboServer 8.


      I read the documentation that was provided with the server and it told me how to call the CSH using the browser window:


      http://<server-name>/robohelp/server?project=<project name>&ctxid=<ctxid>&type=flashhelp&area=<area-name>


      We used this format and was presented with the intermittent window with the message I mention above.



      You can send me a side message at ljohnson@vovici.com if you have time.