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    Dreamweaver design question


      Hi all. I'm new to the forum and ha da design question. My site took about 3 weeks to complete and after finishing what I though was a pretty error free website I noticed that dreamwever 8 was coming up with numerous errors that matched http://validator.w3.org's scans. My question is this. Why does dreamwever ( regardless of the release ) allow the designer of the website he/she is creating without pointing out the errors as they go along with simple instructions on how to fx them.  As an example My meta tags



      <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="xxxxxxx">
      <META NAME="description" CONTENT="xxxxxxxx">
      <META NAME="robots" CONTENT="xxxxx">
      <META NAME="author" CONTENT="xxxxxx">
      <META NAME="copyright" CONTENT="xxxxxx">


      all had to be changed over to


      <meta name="keywords" xxxxxxxxxxxxx">
      <meta name="description" CONTENT="xxxxxxx">
      <meta name="robots" CONTENT="xxxxxx">
      <meta name="author" CONTENT="xxxxxxxx">
      <meta name="copyright" CONTENT="xxxxxxxx">


      all because dreamweaver didnt tell me that the <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"


      didnt fit the original design. Now my site ( if you wish to view the code ) is www.gamblingwhore.com and if you look at the page source you will see that the code has been corrected on dw 8 but still shows more than 30 errors on http://validator.w3.org. Does dreamwevaer not have the basic tool available to fix these errors without such hassle. Its not just my site either, many sites built in dreamwever can be checked with the http://validator.w3.org website only to find more than 20 -100 different errors.


      Dream weaver creators need to focus on these errors because they hinder seo and they create alot of extra work


      Thank you

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          370H55V Level 4

          The w3c and XHTML have come a ways since the release of Dreamweaver 8 (I used it in late 2004 and 2005).


          Dreamweaver 8 will build transitional XHTML files as well as old style single tag HTML. It all depends on the personal preferences of the designer.


          Just for kicks, go to say... 20 random websites and see just how many get a green light when you validate them. If its half, you're lucky. This page doesn't even validate;



          Dreamweaver has the menu option (at least in CS3 an CS4) under the Commands menu to "Clean Up HTML" or "Clean Up XHTML" depending on what you're building. I make a point of running that command as I build along with Apply Source Formatting.


          I also use a local validator program to check my code before putting anything.


          That's why they call it WYSIWYG software.


          If it did everything perfectly for everyone every single time, good web designers would find themselves out of work.