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    Video/ audio out of sync when exporting to Encore (DVD) or  MPEG2

    Pedro I Sanchez

      I have been struggling with this issue for a while when exporting to Encore DVD or Adobe Encoder MPEG2 for FTP transmittal.

      Thirty second commercial looks fine in Premiere CS3 time line but it goes out of sync when exporting it. Video exports  7 or 8 frames  late.

      I have been unlinking and moving video in the time line to compensate and get it synced in DVD or MPG2. but it get gets complicated when using several clips.

      I have seen a few threads with this issue. Is it something that has a solution?  or is it a CS3 bug?.



      Windows XP

      Card: Black Magic Intensity pro

      Settings: NTSC 720x480, 29.97 non-drop (fps), lower filed first, quality 4.0

      Adio: 48 Khz, 16 bit, PCM


      (Don't know what these settings are for)

      VBR, 2 pass, min 1.50, target 4.0, MAX 7.00 (Mps)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,