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    flash ecommerce integration


      I am having some trouble finding a solution for a client's ecommerce site.  I have built them some really great flash applications that allow the customer to visually customize products, but now i need a way for them to buy them.  My clients have been looking for a dreamweaver extension that will allow them to add a cart to the site that exists and will take the outputs from the flash applications.  We have no need for a CMS since they will never be adding any products to the site.  They have 3 products, each with custom text and attributes. We have been looking at Cartweaver for a solution.


      Now for the question.  What will it take to make it so that cartweaver will add items from the flash applications to its cart?


      Also, if there is a better option, I would be very willing to check it out.

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          I don't know how Cartweaver works, specifically, but I would expect that the Flash application would call a Javascript function via the ExternalInterface class, and the Javascript would interface with the Cartweaver set-up.  That is the most likely - and possibly easy to implement - solution.

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            Adalast Level 1

            This is what I was expecting to have to do.  So my assumption is that it should work no matter what solution we use?  If the cart application uses a script on the "add to cart" button in it's original setup, would I be able to call that script and have the ExternalInterface class push the variables into it and have them added to the cart using the script that is already in place, or will I likely need to write a custom script that will add the products to the cart?

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              RossRitchey Level 4

              If the cart solution uses a script implementation, then you should be able to call that implementation directly from ExternalInterface.  Otherwise, you will have to write a method to integrate.

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                Adalast Level 1

                As long as I won't run into any major issues with writing my own, I would say that it doesn't matter what option we use.  That is what I was hoping to hear, and my clients will be extatic.  Thank you.