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    Is it possible to put a slideshow and movie extracts on the same DVD?

    IAN JULIAN Level 1

      I use and am delighted with Elements 6 and will continue to do so for

      slideshows set to music.  Being a wedding photographer, I also do

      a DVD with movie extracts - the advantages of the new SLRs

      (I currently have Premiere3).


      Is it possible with Adobe programs or maybe another program, or some other method, to have both of these projects on the same DVD, with 2 different files to open on a TV screen?


      Thank you,

      Ian Julian


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          nealeh Level 5

          In PRE7 you create an additional button on the Main Menu by adding a 'Main Menu' marker at the start of the clip to the timeline (this marker type is Blue). To force a return to the Main Menu add a 'Stop' marker to the end of the clip (this marker type is Red).


          Also note that some templates only allow you to add one additional button to the Main Menu. In these cases adding more than one menu marker will create a secondary Main Menu screen. The example below, as you can see, allows two additional buttons.


          Wedding example 1.png


          The PRE Disc Menu options are quite simplistic. For anything more you will need to use dedicated menu authoring software. Bill Hunt uses Adobe Encore for his DVD Menus, but this is only bundled with the Adobe Creative Suite. Steve Grisetti likes Sony DVD Architect and has produced some free tutorials on it at muvipix.com.


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            IAN JULIAN Level 1

            Thank you for that infomation, but I am new to Premiere, a

            book I ordered has not materalised, and I am unable to do this.  This is my main project for the year, so would like to master it.


            It was easy enough to do 2 slideshows from Elements, could do that in Windows, but a slideshow followed by a movie created in Premiere does not work in the same manner.  I can open my slideshow  into Premiere and would then like to 'ADD' my PREL Movie creation to the same DVD, so 2 DVDs on the same disc.


            I could not get this 'blue' sign up. .


            Another possibility, can I change the PREL format into another?   Maybe this would be easier.  Many thanks.

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              nealeh Level 5



              The workflow would go something like this:


              1. Create slideshow  in PRE Project_1.
              2. Add Menu Marker at the end of the Timeline (see below).
              3. Create movie in PRE Project_2.
              4. Export completed movie from Project_2 as DV-AVI (from the 'Share Tab' pick 'Personal Computer').
              5. Import movie at the end of Project_1
              6. Select layout from 'Disc Menu' tab.
              7. Add Scene Markers as necessary.
              8. Customise button texts on main menu and sub menus.
              9. Burn to disk or folder from the 'Share' tab.


              To get the Blue Main Menu Marker:

              1. position the current time indicator at the end of the Timeline (i.e. at the end of the slide show)
              2. Click 'Add Menu Marker'
              3. Select 'Main Menu Marker' from the 'Marker Type' drop-down.




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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Let's step back from where Neale had you. Keep his instructions in mind, as you will need them in a moment.


                From PSE, you have two choices:


                1.) Export/Share as a WMV AV file - would be used if one just wanted to play the SlideShow on the computer and not edit it, or combine in onto a DVD-Video with other Assets, like the AV file that you are working on.

                2.) Send to Premiere - this is what you will want to do


                Your PREL is your Project file, and you will want to Open that. Then send your PSE SlideShow to Premiere, where it will be added to your Project Panel. In Premiere, you can Break Apart your SlideShow for additional editing, and can drag it to the Timeline. Now, you will have your edited AV and your SlideShow. At this point, you will use Neale's steps to basically treat your AV and your SlideShow as separate entities - like having two Timelines, but you will only have one.


                I hope that those steps are 100% correct and are exact. If not, others will tell us both where I went wrong. I use PrPro for my SlideShows and for all multi-media Projects, so I am anything but an expert on PSE and its interface with PrE.


                Also, as Neale pointed out, I use another Adobe program for authoring, but it's no longer sold as a stand-alone. Many here feel that DVD Architect does a great job of full-featured authoring, the process of getting a Project onto a DVD-Video w/ full control over the navigation and the Menus. Steve Grisetti has even written a book on it. A program, like DVD Architect (or Encore), allows the user to do much more intricate navigation, and allows more control over Menus and Buttons, plus things like having a Play First for an Intro, before the Main Menu.


                I do not know which book you are waiting on, but if it's not Steve Grisetti's PrE book, I highly recommend that. He also has a great book on both PSE & PrE, that covers both programs, plus their interaction. I guess you could boil it down to all of his books being excellent and extremely useful.


                Hope that this helps, and watch closely, in case I missed a step, or got one wrong, for Sending your PSE SlideShow to Premiere with an existing Timeline. If that will not work, as I think, one would just edit the AV part in that Project, Export/Share as a DV-AVI and then create a New Project, where one would Send the SlideShow from PSE, then Import that DV-AVI and do the DVD-Video navigation with those two Assets. I just do not think that you will need that extra Export/Import step.


                Good luck,