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    Is soap binding Document type working in Flex Builder 4?


      Hi there,

      I've spent three days trying to make a simple web service call with <soap:binding style="document" transport="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/http"/> work.

      This works fine in FB3 since we're using tons of web service with document style...

      I know I'm using a beta so things are being solved in FB4 final version, but no one out there is saying that, passing an object as a parameter in a web service calls with document soap bindings just doesn't work!

      Flash Builder generated stubs will create an empty xml in the soap body! Passing strings and other primitive types seems to work, but in some circumstances you have  to pass objects to the backend!

      If someone is having this problem you simply have to change the backend soap binding style from "document" to "rpc" and all will work...


      Is there an official Adobe position about this?



      Giorgio Grillini


      P.S.: I'm using Flash Builder beta 2 with sdk 4 build 10485. Backend are Java web services deployed in jboss.