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    How to exclude merged help from output

    robert-sfl Level 1

      The scenario: a container project is used to merge several subprojects (lets say 5 CHMs). This works fine. Now a different version is needed, containing a subset of these merged subprojects (e.g. only 4). My first aproach was to create a new TOC and include only the merged projects needed for a certain output, then to create a new SSL using this TOC. The problem: all 5 subprojects are included in the output even though they are not included in the TOC, and can be found using the search function.


      Next I approach was to assign a conditional build tag to the merged project in the TOC, hoping that this forcefully excludes the not needed fifth subproject from the output. No luck this way either.


      Simply deleting the fifth CHM in the output folder sometime resulted in an empty, non-functioning page entry in the TOC. It seems there might be a more elegant way. Do you have any sugestions?