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    Illustrator is constantly crashing


      I am using Adobe Illustrator to produce some designs for my project, whereby I am rotating my images in a kaleidoscope style.


      At first my problem didn't happen as much but now whenever I am working in Illustrator simple tasks such as moving an image make the programme crash. Saving and opening files is a nightmare, taking up to 15 minutes and this regularly results in  the programme shutting down and me losing my work. The problem began when I was working on my last project, where I was working in a similar way but I was able to work around it. Now using the program is almost impossible.


      I am working on one layer and my images aren't too big, not enough to result in me losing my work anyway.

      I am working on Windows Vista, with 4GB of ram. I recently upgraded my ram from 2GB because I was having this same problem, but the issue seems to have got worse. I haven't tried anything to resolve this problem as I don't know where to begin.

      Any help and ideas would be great, thanks.