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    Inexplicable Black Border After Render... Any Help?




      I've been animating in After Effects, all compositions rendered at 1280 x 720 and put in a composition of the same size in Premiere


      When I'm rendering in Media Encoder I'm going for an HD mov file, at 1280 x 720, selecting square pixels to get the render preview looking right with no black bars at all


      Basically it looks like it should all be fine but once rendered there's a black border surrounding the video and I've spent 4 days trying various combinations with no luck, so if anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it as I'm now later delivering this music promo...


      Trying other pixel aspect options only make it worse, stretching or squashing.


      Making other formats works fine - an mp4 from the H264 codec but the resolution is way too low for broadcast.


      So my main goal is to the a mov file without these black lines since the resolution has come out great with them, it's just the problem border.


      Any help would be much aapreciated.




      The way it looks in the render setup preview screen...




      And the way it looks in Quicktime and VLC...




      P.S. They're Sumo Babies...