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    elements 7 vs. 8 ~HD frame size problem



      Having switched to elements 8,, I rip a current wide screen video clip (which I had previously used on 7) to a 1280 by 720 frame size. The

      final rip fills the whole screen (media player classic or windows media). When I edit on 8,, I get borders using HD 30 profile 29 frames sec.

      I used to do the same with Premeiere 7 and the whole screen was filled (except maybe 1/4 or so inches on the width.) Tried many ripping

      configurations and it appears I can not get the same finished outcome? The closest to the previous version was ripping in 1080 by 720 which

      looks ok,,but the previous setting on 7 gave me a larger widescreen format without any border on top and as said,,a touch of border on the width.

      Any ideas? (I did read something that 8 fits the widescreen format automatically with borders????)