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    Need Help with Multiple Language Support - RoboHelp 8


      I started a project with a software development company that needs online help created. I got up to speed

      on RoboHelp after a week (still waiting for client to purchase official version). I purchased a third-party book

      to get me started.


      My problem is I can not find any step-by-step procedure on how to support help in multiple languages. I've

      changed my language in project settings but am unsure if I need separate directories for each language I

      want to support. Do I need separate topics; for example a Welcome screen in English and then one in Spanish,

      and French, etc...


      I was hoping it is a fairly simple process to generate help in multiple languages. Or at least that's what the helpless

      RoboHelp documentation indicates.


      I'm hoping the RoboHelp documentation is intuitive. I'm been a writer for 20 years and have had the pleasure of

      avoiding RoboHelp until now.


      Any suggestions? I need provide an idea of how long it would take to translate a help project. Is it 20 minutes or 2 weeks!