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    Help a newbie with app organization (forms).

    Aron manager Level 1

      Hi everybody,


      I think I have been playing enough with flex 3.5 to start building a control panel application I need.


      Layout is pretty easy, just a top bar for title, side bar for navigation (with flexlib:windowshade), and a right area for the content (for example a data grid, forms to add new users, etc...).


      Now I have a little problem, I have setup my navigation sidebar, but don't know what's the best way to change forms in the content area. For example I want to press on a sidebar option, say article management, and make appear in the content area a tabbed panel. The panel will be configured with New Article, Edit Article, and View Articles for example. Same thing for all the other things users, banner management, etc... etc...


      What's the way to change content area to the tabbed pannel I need? I guess viewstack could be of use here but not sure. Could anybody bring some light?.


      Sorry if this is a so basic question, just trying to bite this beast .


      Thanks in advance,