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    Color Shape Tweening - vector integrity - help. TT_TT


      Okay so I'm a student and I'm in charge of making a screensaver for the AIGA 2010 Leadership Retreat.


      I am making a basic color change tween with the logo. They do not teach Flash at my school, so I thought this would be a good learning opportunity.


      I can get the keyframes to color tween (using a shape tween). However, since this logo is comprised of MANY circles the circles become distorted during the tween. Now this isn't that noticeable when the flash file is small, but this will be displayed on a projector so it will be noticed. Also when the tween ends and it returns to a new keyframe there is a little bit of a jolt when the shapes turn back into proper circles.


      I have tried recreating the logo in flash using circles but I still have the same issue. Is it something that I am missing? Or a setting that I do not have turned on/off? Since I do not know how to formally catagorize this issue its hard for me to find help. Surely someone on here knows what this is and how to fix it?? : )


      **Now I have read that you can use actionscript for color changes, but since I am the only one trying to use flash learning actionscript right now would boggle my mind.**


      Also note that I am using CS3 (haven't been able to afford the upgrade, the curse of being a student!! ;D)

      an image to show what it is doing http://emilymancuso.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/tweenhelp.jpg

      and a link to the swf file http://middaydreamer.com/022810_engagescreensaver_flashswf.swf

      and a link to the *fla file incase you need to get your hands on it to figure out the problem http://middaydreamer.com/022210_flash_engagescreensaver_variation_60frames_final_ungrouped .fla